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  • Full time student vs Co-op

    My son is now in his final year of post secondary school and he is working full time 9 of the 12 months on a co-op. He will go back to school in Sept 2015 for 3 months and then he will graduate. My order states that child support will end when "The child turns 18 years of age and is no longer attending school on a fill-time basis".

    Is he still considered a full time student if he is working 75% of the year?

    Thanks Chris

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    Is he earning enough money through the co-op programme that he could be considered self-supporting (i.e. equivalent to someone employed in that position, or close)? If so, I would guess that he is not considered a full-time student for the 9 months when he is self-supporting (through the co-OP), but he is a full-time student for the months when he's in school, and CS should be paid during his school months. It might be different if the co-op placement were like an internship, where the pay is either very low or nonexistent.


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      Co-op pay can vary significantly, depending on functional area. At my former employer we were paying engineering co-ops enough to be self supporting, but the co-ops in head office jobs (HR, Accounting) were pulling in a lot less.

      It might also be closer to 8 months working this year and 4 months of school. The academic semester will typically start in Sept and run until exams in Dec.


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        His student status is the answer - he is either considered full time or part time by his school. Request proof of this (-t would also state this on his tuition bill).


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          It is not black and white - but depends on parents incomes and how much he will be earning and the coop schedule (#months working vs studying).

          Go to and search on "child support" university co-op for some similar cases so you can get a sense of how judges are seeing it, and how the cases are argued.


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            Full time status is either there or it isn't. He is most definitely a full time student while on co-op now that I think about it. This is likely the glinch in your order as it provides for while he is a full time student.


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              We went through this. We tried to stop CS and didn't succeed. I would recommend you continue paying until he officially graduates.


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