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    A quick history of what's going husband has 2 children, 20 year old living at home with Mom, works full-time, attends university only part-time (put on probation by university because marks not good enough) and other daughter 17 (moved out on her own with friend May 2006). My husband has been paying CS (for both children) through FRO, Mother hasn't given 17 year old any of the CS support, wants to show her "tough love". Anyway, 17 year old is now living with us since Jan 1/07 and we are supporting her. We knew this was going to happen, so we went to our lawyer in last Sept to change the current child support. The ex is playing her usual games of delay tactics.

    The latest letter from her lawyer last week now requesting my husband to supply all his T4's since 2000 (for FRO to review) and wants him to pay half of childs university for another 2 years. He paid the first year of university, ex says she paid the second (we don't believe her) and child is currently paying this year. Why should we contribute for the next 2 years because the child fell behind in school due to lack of discipline and too much partying.

    The divorce aggreement says to pay CS only until the child turns 21 not 24!!

    Can ex ask retro for 7 years?

    Ex had many opportunities over the years to request review of my husbands income. He only started paying CS thru FRO in Jan 2006 because ex didn't want to go through FRO in the past. When he started with FRO last January he increased his CS payments according to his current salary on his own doing (our lawyer wasn't happy that he did this!).

    Thanks for listening....any comments much appreciated.

    p.s. my husband hasn't asked ex to pay back anything all he wants is the CS stopped for 17 year old and he will continue to pay for the 20 year old child until she turns 21. Case closed!
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