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    Does anyone know how long it takes SEA to set up an account after a consent order has been put in place for CS?

    I signed a consent order a month ago to reflect my new CS payments. There was no consent order or any other order in place prior to this so there is no account with SEA for me. I am preparing to pay my CS for Feb 1st, and I have received no notice of any account information from SEA to do this. It is my understanding that it can take up to a couple of months to do this. I was thinking of sending it to ex directly until I get some info from SEA. Is this wise? Or, should I wait and hold onto the money until the account is set up?

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    In Ontario the agency is FRO, and they are slow as molasses in January, but their policy is that once the SDO has been filed, you are not to make payments directly to the recipient - they will start accumulating arrears as of the date of the order, so if you pay her directly, it will make a mess.

    I would say you should contact SEA, even without a case number, they should be able to help you out - let you know what you should do in your situation.


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