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  • Moving to other Country

    I have a job offer outside Canada and I need to find out how this will affect my child and spousal support. Currently I am paying $1000.00 monthly. The new Employer offering me decent earnings in their local currency but after exchange to CAD it will be about $1200.00 CAD. Please advise what option do I have? Will FRO take the money from my Company Pension Plan?

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    You can apply to have your child and spousal support reduced based on your new income.

    A judge is going to consider the reasons for the move. If it's a normal practice in your company or industry, or there's another good reason, you should be fine.

    Re pension: I'm not sure what you are referring to exactly. Pension income can be garnished by the FRO just like any other income source, but if your pension is not yet being paid, then it's not income.
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      I am thinking to leave my company and go back to my homeland for personal reasons. My daughter is a student of Ottawa U and has a 10K scholarship. She will probably graduate before I go, so I will be dealing only with spousal support.
      About pension:
      I have Company Pension Plan and in case if my income is not sufficient to pay support will FRO take away the money from that plan to pay spousal support? I will retire in 14 years.



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