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access to SupportMate or Chequemate

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  • access to SupportMate or Chequemate

    Wondering if anyone here has access to either of these programs.

    Am pretty sure exes lawyer uses Chequemate.

    We need the with child support numbers, so they are much more complicated.



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    Having it on the web would make too much sense. Well, it can be purchased for about $400. Financial mediators have a copy, so at $250 an hour they can plug the numbers in for you.


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      I do have an excel macro project in the works that I have been working on here and there in which all you would do is enter each parties gross income and the standard deductions such as federal and provincial income taxes, Ohip premium, surtaxes, EI and CPP is automatically calculated. From which the high and low end of spousal support is automatically calculated with consideration to tabled child support.

      I set the project aside in the interim basically due to I could not come up with a consistent formula to apply for child support purposes. It appears tabled child support is calculated on a variable in respect to where the payors gross income falls into the tax brackets. I searched for the formula, but I have been unsuccessful. It appears the government has kept it top secret.

      However, you could apply the spousal support advisory guidelines formula yourself or another alternative is to go to and fill out an application for the demo program which they will mail to your home which is an equivalent program to support mate for calculating same.



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