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How long to hear from FRO?

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    Yes it is a very strange situation to find yourself in. I found everything to be quite daunting and had some fairly negative telephone conversations with the collection agents. What I found most frustrating is that I was told something different by everyone I spoke with. I eventually was able to get a direct phone number of a more senior collection agent. My impression is that while people are trying their best to do their jobs, in many cases they simply aren't trained properly and often give incorrect procedural information. I'd recommend keeping a diary of your calls, name of the person you spoke with, what information you were told. Paraphrase frequently to be sure that you understand what they are attempting to explain to you.

    The FRO/MEP programs can be good for many families and not so good for others.


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      My local MPP's office was able to contact FRO on my behalf. Apparently there was a "glitch" in their system which is why I didn't receive the child support cheques, but I should be receiving it within a couple of days.
      Shame on me for thinking badly of my ex, and praise for the MPP's office for finding things out!


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        Good news for you then. No shame in thinking badly of your ex. Ex's have been known to let people down before. Good thinking in going to the MPP - I would never have thought of that move.


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          go after spousal support. you need it and your ex is lowballing his kids with that high income. don't tell him..or warn him...just blindside him...and find out how to file for spousal support


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