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Child Support Shared Custody Arrangement

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  • Child Support Shared Custody Arrangement

    Child Support

    I have the children 60 % of a shared custody agreement. I have documented that the time the children spend with me goes over this due to her needing me to take them more from time to time.

    My ex seems to believe that I am making more money than I am. When we had separated, I had agreed to pay $700 per month to her in child support, once some business investments came through. In the separation agreement this was written up 'once I gain full-time permanent employment'. Since I am still working on this business investment, she has not seen any child support, and is getting antsy, so she is bringing it back to the lawyers to revise some things. I am worried that if I get a "normal" job that pays $35,000 or less I will still be on the hook for $700 a month when I have the kids more than her due to the wording of the original separation agreement.

    My hope is to determine what the table amount would be for each of us and subtracting the lesser amount from the high amount

    I currently have increased expenses due to 60/40 living arrangements in my favour, should this be factored in?

    Although we have a 60/40 in my favour she receives of the UCCB/CCTB. Can this be factored into the determined amount?

    Is there a way to include in the child support agreement that each parent will be assumed to make a minimum $15,000 to ensure that no one parent can avoid seeking employment. I ask this because if I do not receive part of the CCTB/UCCB with the current agreement she would be receiving $2000 + and she has a history of leeching of whoever will take it. Her goal is to be fully supported by me and not have to work.

    All of this mess started due to me having a horrible lawyer that was suspended from practicing. She made several mistakes in our separation agreement and convinced me to pay thousands of dollars to my ex to get her to sign our divorce papers, even though our children where living with me full time, and even at times she would only take the kids twice a week for a couple of hours for months. And due to my ignorance I complied with everything, now I think I will be paying for it.

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    File for the CCTB/UCCB as a shared arrangement. That's the right of the children, the money follows them. That's not something that family law has any jurisidiction over, so get the forms together and get er done.

    In regards to the rest, it's based on your prior years line 150 amounts. You plug them into the calculator and it spits out your numbers. Take what she would pay you, what you would pay her, subtract the smaller from the larger and the person with the larger amount pays the difference to the person with the smaller.

    All in all it's stupidly easy to do and shouldn't be something you have to go back to court over.


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      could you include some dates in the information you provided in your post? How long has this issues gone on? How long have you been working on the "business investment?"


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