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I can't afford our agreement

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    A few things....yes she has been with another guy that she has fallen for which is great! I do have a clause stating that if she lives with a guy for 3 months alimony is terminated! I can only hope, but unlikely cause she loves watching me live a lesser lifestyle than I'm use to.
    I also have a clause that states if income goes up 20,000 or down that payments can be adjusted! So that is a big option if I was to take the promotion, however I would have to downsize and find ways to clear debt!
    As for having undue hardship making 160,000.... That is tough to understand I'm sure but in order to pay her 5200/month I need to make 90,000 gross to pay here although 30,000 will get a tax break!

    I do thank many of you for the insight and wisdom! Kids are number 1 and always will, but spousal is way to much to cover with my debt


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