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Factors Affecting Settlement

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  • Factors Affecting Settlement

    My wife to be is concerned about me moving back to Canada and living
    with her. She thinks that we have to keep it all a secret, because if my
    wife finds out that I am back with her, that information will give my wife
    the upper hand in court as far as settlement amounts go. I don't believe
    that this is true, but my future wife needs some assurance. Can someone
    tell us, is it the case that our relationship could or could not have any
    negative effects on a settlement?

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    From a legal perspective, it will have virtually no effect. From a practical perspective, it could well have a large effect. If your wife is upset that you have met another woman, she could decide to get revenge by making your divorce a long and complicated process. You’d pretty much get the same result at the end, but you’d spend a lot more time and legal fees getting there. Also, often a messy divorce can take a toll on a new relationship if your new partner hasn’t gone through a similar experience. It’s best to be as discreet as possible about new relationships.
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