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Child Disability Benefit and S7 expenses

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  • Child Disability Benefit and S7 expenses

    I have been trying to look through case law to find how the court has considered the Child Disability Benefit (CDB) wrt S7 Expenses, but have had no luck.

    Specifically I am looking at if the psychological visits, prescription medication, recommended off the shelf medication and supplements associated with my child's disability should be be first funded by the CDB that is received for my child as a "benefit... relating to an expense" as described in Section 7 (3).

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    I've had the same problem. I told my ex that additional S7 related to the disability (autism in my case) must be paid out of the CDB amount first. If she can produce receipts showing that the CDB has been exhausted then I'll entertain the additional S7 expenses.

    Additionally, if you have CDB you may also be allowed to make claims under disability health insurance through the government as well, through ACSD (the insurance company that manages this in Ontario is Accerta). We were able to get additional coverage beyond what was offered by my employer (which wasn't much).


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      Thanks foe the reply. Do you have that written in your SA? Was there a ruling from a judge I could look up? My stbx isn't agreeing that this is how it is to be spent and the extra expenses are mounting. I have agree to pay some of them on an interminable without prejudice basis, but there a lot of costs that I'm may not be able to pay going forward.


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