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Trying to get child support amount ordered.

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  • Trying to get child support amount ordered.

    I filed a basket motion in court requesting ordered child support payments from my ex. I only had one month of his paystubs to provide as proof because he wont provide more. The one month allowed the judge to ballpark his income and in the judges written response to my motion he said "although i am only provided with one month of income, I am prepared to set child support at (blah) based on a yearly income of (blah)". Then nothing came of it. The judge did not order that amount just loosely stated it in this letter to me. Now what??? My ex still will not pay the amount because he didn't receive an order stating how much he is to pay.
    I am going into court in 10 days to file another motion requesting his NOA from last year which he refuses to provide (I have taken all the right legal channels and sent him 30 days notice, then a R3 giving him 10 days still no cooperation on his part.) While I am in court I am going to try and get this support amount ordered. What forms do I need to fill out now? That judge seemed to forget about my issue. Am I missing something?
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