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section 7 - what is included in income to calculate

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  • section 7 - what is included in income to calculate

    Hi - just need to clarify what is included in custodial parents income when calculating section 7 daycare costs.
    Do the following non taxable benefits the custodial mom receives get added to her line 150 just for section 7.
    CTB, CDB (Child disability benefit) ACSD ( assistance for children with severe disabilities) benefit and HST benefits. The child is now 15 and my ex have paid daycare for 10 years without any of these benefits added in. No income tax break available as its at a private home that and the sitter doesn't claim the amount on her taxes.

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    These benefits from the government are income intended to be spent specifically for the kinds of expenses covered under section 7, so yes, generally they should be included in either parents income. Spousal support also counts, though child support doesn't as it is for regular maintenance (I believe that's section 3).


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