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extraordinary expenses

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  • extraordinary expenses

    can someone clarify this , I thought child support included extra stuff from my understanding ... so what type of extra expenses could be calculated , other than child care etc

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    Search for Section 7 on this forum, and/or Google it


    Special or extraordinary expenses

    7. (1) In a child support order the court may, on either spouse's request, provide for an amount to cover all or any portion of the following expenses, which expenses may be estimated, taking into account the necessity of the expense in relation to the child's best interests and the reasonableness of the expense in relation to the means of the spouses and those of the child and to the family's spending pattern prior to the separation:

    (a) child care expenses incurred as a result of the custodial parent's employment, illness, disability or education or training for employment;

    (b) that portion of the medical and dental insurance premiums attributable to the child;

    (c) health related expenses that exceed insurance reimbursement by at least $100 annually, including orthodontic treatment, professional counselling provided by a psychologist, social worker, psychiatrist or any other person, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and prescription drugs, hearing aids, glasses and contact lenses;

    (d) extraordinary expenses for primary or secondary school education or for any other educational programs that meet the child's particular needs;

    (e) expenses for post-secondary education; and

    (f) extraordinary expenses for extracurricular activities.




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      thank you , does this not go according to each other's income ? ex unwilling to provide tax's so this can be done fairly


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        S7 expenses are divided according to your respective incomes. If necessary, the court will order your ex to provide financial disclosure for the last three years. If s/he still doesn't comply, then the court will impute an income for calculating S7.


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          Yes S7 is split proportionate to income... my bf had the same problem with his ex...they have joint custody and he pays her support. He tried to do everything without the lawyers but she was unwilling to accept the law.. she felt he should have to pay $600 in CS (well above what he does have to pay) and she felt he should be responsible for 75% of S7 expenses because she takes care of the children.

          She refused to provide her documents to him, stating that only HE had to prove his income...her income had nothing to do with it... well after the lawyers were involved she soon realized that it doesn't matter what you THINK, the law is the law. He now only pays 35% of S7 as she makes a lot more then him.


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