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A pickle: Jump in income & looking at going abroad

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  • A pickle: Jump in income & looking at going abroad

    In 2011 my income jumped a fair bit and I am now looking to move overseas...

    I don't know what my income will be like abroad (probably much lower)

    I am worried that I will be required to pay based on 2011 alone. In 2010 and 2009 my income was lower.

    I guess I could get a judge to take the last 3 years in consideration and average them out or something, but I would likely be quitting my job unilaterally and moving away for my own reasons (parents abroad and getting older - would like to spend time closer to them before they pass over). Sad to say, the Parental Alienation has gotten the better of me, and I have the right to move on with my life and apply myself where I can make a difference.

    Anyone have any insight as to how things will work? Kinda kicking myself for taking a high paying/high stress job now. Before people jump on me - even at the lowest CS amount I had paid, our child was doing just fine. Whatever the payee/mother gets on top will be pure gravy for her - like winning the lottery, I guess...

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    so i take it you are paying child support now? If you are then I cannot see a judge taking the average like you want. If a judge was just setting up cs now then maybe. Cant see this working in your favour at all, especially if you already have a good paying job and make a drastic move that may cut down on what you could be earning.


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      CS is usually reviewed could try to get a reduction in CS because of a job change but you would have to provide very good proof why you should get a reduction. I assume that you were paying your CS for 2011 based on your 2010 income, meaning you had a lot of "extra" money (for a lack of a better term) because you were paying on a lesser income from 2010... You most likely will be on the hook for the CS amount based on your 2011 income.


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        If you take a job making significantly less, then your ex can claim that you're underemployed and ask the court to impute your income. The courts recognize that people have the right to change jobs, but they also hold the view that parents are required to earn to their capacity and financially support their children. If you want to take a job making significantly less and reduce your CS to reflect your new income, then you need to have a very good reason for it.


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