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  • brad yo
    yo 3 charges and your worried about a peace bond? thats whacked!

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  • E-Gal
    started a topic Peace Bond

    Peace Bond

    My ex-spouse was arrested for criminal harassment, uttering a death threat and physical assault and the result was that he got a "peace bond" for 1 year which ends in May 25, 2011.

    He has still been very hostile towards me, shouting at me, telling me where I should stand on my property when he drops off our child - yes literally "stay there and don't move from your door" kind of thing...etc..

    My question is - once the peace bond is over.....I'm afraid. Is there any way I can ask for another peace bond or something so that he has to leave me alone and only communicate with me through email pertaining to access to our child or I'm out of luck and will have to deal with him.

    I believe very strongly that because he is trying to "restrain" himself now (and doing a poor job at that) because of the peace bond, that will all disappear when he knows it's "expired" (if that's the word to use).

    what can I do. I worry for my safety.

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