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Abusive husband files false charges

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  • billiechic
    Don't let him intimidate you. Keep recording everything. It is all about power and it looks like he will do anything to break you. Don't be alone with him, or with him with just your kids. They don't need to be forced into the middle.

    Statistics show that separation is the time when an abusived spose is most at risk. Be careful.

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  • brigitte
    I'm so sorry to hear. False allegations are false allegations. In fact, people like your husband that use false allegation for power make it hard for people who actually needs help. Be honest and show your records and I'm sure it will be okay. I have no pity for women and men who do that. I can't believe the cops didn't even talk to you or your children.

    Keep up with your records and make sure he has no access to it. I created a online email account that I use for all my "paper" documents. However, my abusive EX, stole all my audio. One gentlemen on here suggested to post audio and video on youtube. Go see a DR and therapist.

    One thing you need to keep in mind. Bully / abusers it's all about power. The more you gain control of your life, the more he WILL loose control. Protect yourself and keep focus on your future.

    Good luck

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  • venice
    started a topic Abusive husband files false charges

    Abusive husband files false charges

    This is my first post and I could use some advice. I decided to leave my abusive husband last August after 25 years of marriage. I have three teenage sons, ages 14, 16, 18. We had to share the house until it was sold effective the end of January. The schedule was designed to minimize the time we would cross paths. Unfortunately, in the few times we did see each other, my husband was aggressive, enraged, mean, insulting and totally disrespectful towards me. I ignored him most the time but the bullying and harassment and the threats (vague ones that intimated that I would have to “pay” for leaving him) continued. I went to the police on several occasions but was basically told that unless he was making threats of bodily harm, there was nothing that could be done. I had called the police just before I told him I wanted a divorce, after he pushed me in front of our 14 year old son. I did not lay charges at that time.<o></o><o></o>

    The bullying and insults escalated as our move date approached. I kept reminding myself that I only had a few more weeks to go, and then I wouldn’t have to endure this abuse any longer. How wrong I was! He returned to the house one evening 3 weeks ago after I had spent the weekend moving some items out of the house with the help of my 2 older sons, items that I was entitled to take. When he saw that items had been moved out of the house, he became completely enraged. At one point he threw himself on the ground and then claimed I pushed him.The end result was that he had me arrested the following morning on false charges of assault and conjugal violence after he had subjected me to his rage, aggressiveness etc the following evening (including picking the lock of my bedroom door). I was arrested just after I got off the phone with my lawyer to see if I could obtain a restraining order. No one ever asked me what happened! My new defense attorney tells me it’s extremely rare for such charges to be laid against a woman. <o></o><o></o>

    My boys were extremely upset and defended me to their father. They don’t believe him and they have told me they will testify against him if this ever goes to trial.

    I’m still stunned, angry, and floored by how low he could go and how little respect he has shown the mother of his children. I followed my attorney’s advice and have cut all communication with him and I’ve also been told to never ever be alone with him. I’m still scared of what he could be capable of seeing as he managed to pull off a stunt like this. I've been keeping a journal of everything he has been saying and doing to me since August. Has anyone else had a similar experience? What are the chances of being convicted based on someone's false allegations? Can I still travel to the U.S.?

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