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    Due to a domestic dispute, we had visitors from the police station, and one of the officers claimed 99.9% of the time, the aggressors are the men. I didn't want to argue with him, so I didn't say much regarding the male aggressors. I'm pretty sure that's very close to the "official statistics" they have.

    I have taken photos of my bruises caused by my wife over the years, and I'm thinking of proving him wrong just for the sake of waking him up to the reality, but at the same time, I don't want her to get arrested or anything. Or, the police would twist around the facts and make accusation against me of being abusive since I am male. I mean, that's their job, isn't it? in any violence involving a male, the male is the primary suspect.

    has anyone reported the violence against men with positive outcome?

    found this interesting article:

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    I know several women who hit their husbands. I am sorry that this happened. It is not fair for sure.


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      OMG I am really sorry. I hope you have left and are not living there anymore. Nobody deserves to be hit, but to be mocked as well??


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        Originally posted by cl4 View Post
        Yes I have left to "keep the peace". But on Xmas night, @1 am in the morning she came to my house, when I answered the door she assaulted me with a fireplace poker and gave me 7 stiches because I wouldn't sign thehouse over to her. I called the cops and actaully was scolded by them because they said next time "don't invite her over". I didn't ,she phoned me, I told her to go home and she still came. Who invites people over at 1 am anyways? That's the cops for you.

        Now I have to look at a restraining order (my criminal lawyer argued against that with me because he said she will do likewise and guess who will end up charged in a he said /she said?) or what not. I rigged our matrimonial home with CCTV but haven't my apt. yet. I might have to.,
        geez,my bruises mean nothing compared to what you've gone through! I bet if a guy did this to you (also a guy), he'd be arrested. but if a girl hit you, that's your fault. maybe if she killed you, the cops just might take it a little more seriously. all this reminds me of a custody court battle.


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          oh well, I was naive, I guess. until the law respects men as equal human beings as women, we just gotta suppress the suffering.


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            Here's a little gem I got while holding my seven week old daughter in my arms. Grey Cup 2004. It was a toy truck in case you're wondering.

            BTW, the vast majority of domestic abuse does go the other way, but that wasn't really on my mind at the time.

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