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DV-What to expect from Crown?

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  • DV-What to expect from Crown?

    What should I expect from the Crown?
    - Ex-wife started pushing me
    - I tried to hold her back
    - She twisted her ankle, called 911
    - Police arrested me-assault w/bodily harn
    - occurred near Ottawa
    - ages: me-60+, she-50+
    - never arrested before
    - no criminal record
    - no physical violence ever (16yrs married)
    - meeting with Crown in 4 weeks
    - I have some exculpatory evidence (video)
    - Intending to plea, self defense

    What should I expect from the Crown?
    Is a self defense plea wise?
    Will videos be enough to convince the Crown to withdraw chgs?

    Any info is helpful.

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    I empathize with the reach out for help at a difficult time. But the story, questions, and advice to the post are best handled and suited for a lawyer, not a forum. Best of luck.


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      Get a lawyer, criminal court isn’t the place to self represent, even if charges fake. Let the lawyer decide what to say, but likely best case for you is not to talk at all.


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