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DV during drop off

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    In case someone comes across this, this is what happened so far, case in criminal court, second date is June 30, crown trying to get peace bond with him, will see if he agrees. I met with my lawyer and going ahead with Motion to change and be proactive regarding the contact of the kids with him, to go for supervised access etc, basically changing access and decision making. I don't want anyone to go through what I went through, it's to the point that I am medically braking up pulling through with everything.
    The advice given here were very helpful, thank you again.


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      Dear Lorely
      As my suggestion from a family advocate, it is important not to escalate issues. I would suggest that before you consider at further actions involving police or the courts, that you obtain the services of a neutral person such as a parent coordinator who can help you to not only clearly identify the issues but what are the underlying causes of those issues. It is helpful when the parenting coordinator can speak to the other parent as this gives the other parent to opportunity to be heard but also make them aware that their actions are being monitored as evidence should matters go to court.

      The overall purpose is to understand the root causes of problems and to come up with effective solutions which are fair, just and in the best interest of any children involved. Both sides must be listened to and be part of the the long term solution to the issues. Criminal charges and further court actions can sometimes make matters worse, especially for any children and push the other parent over the edge with possible tragic outcomes for all. I have worked as an advocate in many cases over the years in situations similar to yours. From you post it sounds like parenting alienation (PE) and/or parenting estrangement (PE) may be involved and damage to your child has already occurred. Education about the issues involved and a sincere desire to be fair in coming up with effective solutions can go a long way to lessen conflict and to support the long term effects on the children.

      Advocates I work with support the position that parenting education and parenting coordinators should be automatically ordered at an early stage of court matters to help prevent matters from escalating.


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        Otherwise when you file with court, both parties will attend the MIP first, to help with understand the process, achieving settlement, and to prevent matters from escalating unnecessarily. Court is great!


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          V Beck this post is almost 2 years old. Please stop bumping old posts in an attempt to further your own agenda here. This is not the place.


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