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Compensation for DV victims

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  • Compensation for DV victims

    For those of you who are victims of domestic violence by your ex spouse, you and your children may each be eligible for financial compensation from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board. Here is the address and contact information for the Ontario board:

    Criminal Injuries Compensation Board
    15 Grosvenor St, Ground Fl
    Toronto, Ontario M7A 2G6
    Toll free: 1-800-372-7463
    Tell416) 326-2900
    Fax416) 326-2883 or 1-844-249-1619
    M-F 8:30-5:00pm


    A kind duty counsel alerted me to the existence of this board . My application to the board was filed in 2017. My children and I received the maximum compensation at that time of $6000 each.

    The board reviews all the evidence of abuse including medical records, criminal and family court documents as well as interviewing witnesses. In my case two police officers were called as witnesses. My ex was not notified of the proceedings at the request of the two officers who felt he posed a serious threat.

    In addition to the one time payment, the board will also consider, on a case by case basis, providing funding for ongoing treatment or therapy as needed.

    Not all family lawyers will think to refer their domestic abuse clients to reach out to this board.

    Could one of the moderators please make this a sticky so others can benefit from this information?

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    This program has been closed -
    Ottawa Divorce


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      That’s too bad. Are there any other programs taking their place?


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        Originally posted by Stillbreathing View Post
        That’s too bad. Are there any other programs taking their place?
        There is a general victim compensation fund I believe. You apply- and they will pay for a certain amount of counselling sessions with a registered therapist or social worker.


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