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False Allegations of Domestic Violence

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    Originally posted by Stillbreathing
    Brampton 33 this thread is about verified domestic abuse and the consequences thereof in family court. If you want to make a thread about false accusations please start your own thread as that is a totally different topic altogether. Again, this thread is about verified domestic violence and thank God there are now starting to be rulings against verified perpetrators of domestic violence.
    The depth of the thread has been a shallow "rah rah bash em" with an example of an very extreme case but no details and it would be very surprising if any of it could be used by anyone here.

    "finally"??? "halleluiah!" It is hurtful to those who have been hurt by overzealous pursuit by representatives of the court or marginalization due to false accusations or overly dramatic exes.

    If you want to talk about abuse you have to include those that were abused by those that used the courts to victimize others. Abuse is abuse. Just saying.


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      First off a woman can commit violence against a man and do. Saying a man can commit violence as in your expanded example of same sex marriage implies only men can commit violence.

      I can see your side about it being new but to celebrate it that way without context feels off and that case sounded extreme and may not get repeated.

      The updated version of domestic violence seems to also include lying in the scope. For instance in one ruling a judge interpreted the father lying about his affair as viloence. Strange but it sounded like they were gaslighting the mother. It didn't affect the father's access. (I may have posted that case earlier in the thread.

      So unless someone has been repeatedly beaten and berated by their ex I. Not sure how this case applies.

      A constructive discussion could revolve around. What is now considered violence and examples of that. So to use an example from this board is it vilonce that Iona is trying to control how here ex feeds their kid? No, their is medical backup for that. Would it be violence if they were trying to control their diet for non medical reasons? Yes, maybe. (Yes, it is controlling behavior)

      Is it violence toake false accusations. It sure feels like it but maybe it still is not.
      How a out threatening to destroy finances...I am thinking it is.


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