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How much pain is the contested divorce

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  • Aghast
    Talk to a lawyer before you make a decision. Don't let your spouse know that you are talking to or have spoken to a lawyer.

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  • divorceakai
    started a topic How much pain is the contested divorce

    How much pain is the contested divorce

    I think am making my life hell by staying with my wife trying to wait for my kids to grow up so that I can separate without much contest. We both agree to 50/50 in finance but my wife wouldnt agree on any type of custody arrangementa except full custody to her.
    Kids are 11 yr old twins, grown up enough to be managed by both mom and dad
    How much pain am I looking at starting this contested divorce? How long could the case go? I will need to exit house as she has history of domestic violence and she had a peace bond for 2 yrs that expired in 2021. She had physically hurt my parents in front of kids and was captured on video
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