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Valentine's Day

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  • Valentine's Day

    How is everyone coping?

    I'll be spending mine with my new GF, but I know this time of year isn't always hearts and flowers for people going through what we go through.

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    Actually, I have never 'celebrated' this day, I see it as another day for companies to hike prices & rake in money for something that, frankly, people should be showing every day (love, adoration, respect). It is just my view after all, but I do feel that if people need a 'forced' day to show the significant other in their life how they feel, then there's a problem.


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      Well I agree and I disagree. I do think its important to show love every day, but I like Valentines Day anyhow because it allows me to go a bit over the top with it.


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        I joined up here in the summer with queries about my 12 year partner finally getting his divorce done. All was finished in November. Thankfully, he didn't lose any of his work pension to her because he waited more than 7 years.

        I thought I'd drop back in on this thread. I'm happy to announce that he surprised me with an engagement ring for Valentine's Day.


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