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  • Starting a dovorce

    Which form do I need to fill for starting a divorce which is not mutual
    I believe its simple divorce but it says it doesn't put any claim details like 20% share and child custody etc.,
    Am I on a wrong form?

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    if you have kids and the other side doesn't want a divorce then I would think it would not be a simple divorce. You need to speak to a lawyer before you make mistakes that you cannot correct.


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      Agreed. Do not be lulled into the illusion that family law is simple despite court forms having checkboxes.

      You should speak to a lawyer


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        You forgot to mention your ex is bipolar, attacks you and has a peace bond against them.

        You will definitely need a lawyer, you may qualify for for one at the FLIC office.
        A good option might be to get them on the right medication. I have seen people go from wild to mild to wild and the only difference is the medication.
        They may be a totally different person on meds and even feel bad and go with the flow.
        Get ready for false accusations or more anger.
        For all we know you are a bit off as well.


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