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  • Division on home

    Question for a friend ,
    Married 30yrs , separating now , home was built on wife's inherited land from parents , deed is in her name , she is now saying he gets nothing , she is controlling the whole situation . How fair is this situation . He actually held the home together and she didn't work .
    is he not entitled to half the home ?

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    It is a matrimonial home. She mingled her inheritance into their common assets so it canít be excluded. Fill out the comparison of net family property with the entire value of the house in her Column (since the deed is in her name) and after listing all assets and debts from both parties it will show who owes who an equalization, or (more rarely), that both parties have equal values.


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      Tilt is correct, however, if the deed is only in her name the court cannot force an order for the sale of her home against her wishes. If it was in both parties names then the court can make such an order.


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