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Fighting my Spousal Support

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  • Fighting my Spousal Support


    I was married for 7 years and cohabitant for 7, for total of 14 years.
    We have been separated for almost 9 years but the legal Separation agreement was only signed a bit over 3 years ago. I did agree to pay spousal support at the time and Divorced now for a couple months - uncontested.
    I am also paying Child Support, which I have no issue with.

    Considering I have a fairly recent Divorce and legal Sep. agreement at what point and on what grounds should I try and put an end to Spousal Support?
    A lawyer gave me some free advice that once my child is off to University in two years, it would be a good opportunity to try and contest the Spousal Support. I'd love to get some feedback and lean on the experience of others.

    It's only $200 SS a month but I do not think it is at all fair.

    DTS Toronto

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    1) You've been separated for 9 years, did you pay SS for the entire 9 years or only the last 3 years?

    2) On what grounds did your spouse receive SS? (Compensation because she stayed home to look after kid, money because you make a lot more than her)?

    3) Why do you think it is not fair?

    4) What does your separation agreement say is grounds to end SS?

    5) What has changed since your very recently signed agreement that has caused you to change your mind?

    6) What is the parenting situation with regards to your (only?) child? Are you an every other weekend parent or do you have shared time with the kid?

    Probably question #4 is the most important because that's your likely answer


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