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  • CRA nightmare

    Just curious how many of you all have been audited since your marital breakdown - both payors and payees.
    I separated in 2011 - and have been "re-assessed" 3 times now - most recently notified yesterday.
    The previous two times I could not resolve the matter over the phone. I had provided the required documents and ended up having to appeal (winning both). I provide online banking documents showing the automatic withdrawals for CS, S7 and SS...paid monthly and on schedule.
    Questions I have are these:
    Do they compare your tax return with your ex and if your numbers don't match they initiate an audit/re-assessment?
    Is it just "random" as they indicate in their letter?
    Is it perhaps because of a complaint (frivolous) initiated by another party?
    They have refused my spousal support claim even though CS has been paid in full...
    If I were to start a complaint - am I just setting myself up for future misery?
    This is just ridiculous.
    After the first "re-assessment" I learned to tape my conversations with CRA - so I am hoping that this latest adventure will be short lived.

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    If you pay your support through FRO you then provide FRO statements along with your court order and that should suffice (another reason by going though a maintenance enforcement agency is recommended).

    I think CRA does assessments randomly. I had to provide a letter from my lawyer on a few occasions, attesting that amount I was claiming for legal fees was, indeed, for defending my court-ordered entitlement.


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      I was audited for the child benefit and had to prove the children live with me. It wasn’t much fun having to go to doctors and dentist and school etc to ask for that letter


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        Is you ex claiming it too? If you pay cs and claim the child tax benefit and the ex does too then that could be the reason for the audit. Most agreements stipulate one spouse claims it in odd years, the other in even. Then it would be a case of providing the agreement.


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          I provided the FRO statement and CRA denied it. I was then audited, and forced to pay taxes on my full income including the SS I payed. After 6 months of going back and forth I quit as we are now in a new tax year.

          This might be good for you, try to have your income tax reduced at the source. ( GRC Forms)

          You need to apply every year. Basically your reduce the income tax you pay thru your employer. Upside, more money a month. Downside very small tax return.


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