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    Hello .... I wish I can get an answer or help from any one here .
    Ok I been separated for almost 4 yrs finally we got settlement regarding access for 2 Kids 16 refuse seeing dad, 12 by law he has to see him every other weekend , but the issue of CS is not done due to him not working
    I found out that he works for his old employer in different name as a contractor and at the same time he is getting Ontario works because he is not working under his real name.... my question how do I get him for committing this fraud I have a lawyer but he can not help with any thing because of the privacy act also he will charge more for any investgation he will do and I told him to hold evey thing for now to see what is my option in getting him caught .
    I thought of hiring a privet investigator to go after him but it's going to cost a lot of money ...any idea where to go and what to do he did not pay any CS for the past 3 yrs because he is not working but he drive an expensive car and for sure put it under the GFs name I did a contempt motion telling him that I know he works and gets money his answer was that he is still on OW.... he works as a truck driver and he cross border on daily basis
    any help or suggestion is appriciated

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    Contact OW anonymously and give them the details you have available. Then stop worrying about it.

    Impute him an income based on what he COULD be making with his skills/experience. Do some job searches via jobbank, Monster, Workopolis, Careerbeacon or similar to show that there ARE jobs available.

    Unless they are on disability, there is NO reason for an able bodied person to be on OW. I hear Mcdonald's and Tim Horton's are hiring.

    If you can prove there are a number of available jobs that he COULD be working/applying for, then go for imputing him on that range. If not, impute full time hours @ min wage.

    There is a process to engage for situations like these. You failed to do so. Hindsight, 20-20, etc. It's probably not worth pursuing retro, given it'll cost you as much if not more money in legal fees, as you'd recup in CS payments.


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      working under the table is one thing, under a false name is another. How can you be sure he is working under a false name? Unless you have absolute proof i would leave it alone, makes you look like a high conflict person.


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        Have you contacted FRO? They have a "Good Parents Pay" dept that you might try reporting this to.

        As well: CRA has an informant line that you can give information to. They won't confirm anything about him w/you, but they will take down his information.

        Finally, if you do have proof - contact OW as well.


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          thank you all for the reply .....I'll see what I can do wish me good luck


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