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It is Offically Over....

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  • It is Offically Over....

    I got my divorce certificate in the mail today, and all the feelings I thought I had gotten past in the last two years came rushing back. Is it normal for me to feel this way?

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    I wish I was at the point where mine would be coming in the mail. I absolutely think it's normal to have all of the feelings come rushing back. This is someone you were married to, and presumably thought it was 'forever'. It must also be hard because it was also received during the holidays...

    Find friends and family and get lots and lots of hugs...


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      Thanks May_May,


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        It's understandable that receiving this would cause some feelings to come back to the surface.

        In my opinion, I would think this is normal. That piece of paper, the final one we are all waiting for or have already, is the reminder that it's over. So you again feel the loss for the dreams you once had, for what should have been!

        This also means, that you can close this chapter. Start fresh and move on to better things!

        Stay strong,



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          For me it was one of the best days... Like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders.... but for me, it wasn't mailed... It was only due to being at the courthouse and filing some other things did I ask to see my file. And I had been divorced for a few months.... I received nothing not even a post card... Lol


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