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    I'm no expert: but I would think your matter is one that would be heard in Superior Court. One Trial.


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      thankyou I hadenough........... already and I have barely scratched the surface yet! You cleared up a mystery of sorts for me.

      Seriously I do love your handle - it says it all for many!



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        great advice,
        thank you all for the sound reasoning. I will call my union rep and hopefully she will assist me with approaching my manager/HR.

        I have asked in email twice and verbally several times to arrange to get my stuff back: some of it he took when he moved out and others he has in a garage where we stored stuff when we began cohabitating. It contains jewellery, kitchen and bedroom stuff, miscellaneous items. Some of it was from my mother, who passed away last summer. He knows how important it is to me. Only he has the keys and it is on a property in his name= he has told me I will be arrested if I go there.

        As far as the kids go, I know I should call CAS, but am very concerned that I will be in trouble for not reporting sooner. In fact, the breakup occured during the court case for his kids" custody and access case. I did not disclose any of the problems to the OCL. THat is mainly why he is blackmailing me...he had criminal harassment conviction against his ex wife and is worried about losing his kids.

        He has been great with one of my children but my 17 year old (who is in the habit of arguing back, but not too much) he could not get along with. My ex had difficulty because he demands absolute and instantaneous obedience from kids. He also does not consider homework or any academic pursuits as important as my son (who is planning to attend medical school). It came to my attention the week he left that he even told my son he would "kick the shit out of you and if you tell your mother, I will make sure you are homelss". THe police were called as he eventually hit my son when he would not change the tv channel.

        Anyway, this morning we went out to the car, my sons car had all the hubcaps taken and there is brakeline fluid on the ground. THis after my ex found out I was dating someone and said he never wants to see me again. \This could be coincedence but after knowing that he followed his ex wife and putting a GPS tracker on her car and taping phone calls, I am suspicious. He always tell us that he could make her death look like an accident and he could kill her with no second thoughts.

        So, my family feels that he is very controlling and are worried about his actions. I have no proof, so feel the police will not take me seriously. I do have phone messages saying things like "I have called you six times today. Carry your cell and answer it when I call". I am not just a bitter ex, only a scared and frustrated one.

        I think I just want to walk away and forget all of this, except my personal stuff. He will be very pissed if I try to maintain contact with his kids.


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          called police. they need a court order to get my belongings back or sue him.

          the first officer felt that he could be charged with criminal harassment if he threatens to call my work, but another disagreed.

          the police spoke with my ex and asked if he would agree to a time to get at least my personal belongings. He told them he would contact me on Monday.
          After the police left, the ex called me and said "you had better stop accusing me" or I will get legal counsel and have you charged.


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            Sounds like a real piece of work. Hold the car in his name as collateral. Lock in in the garage and make sure noone has the keys to it but you.

            After it's been there 31 days, I believe you can file to have it declared abandoned and have it transferred to your name.

            In regards to your son's car. Either start locking it somewhere, OR get a cheap video surveillance setup to protect yourself. The police can't do anything without proof...a video tape showing him tampering with it would be proof.


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              for the cars if NBDad is right - 31 days and it belongs to you???? Can you find the proof as to this being how it really works? I did not reread your post but I think you are claiming his taking and refusing to return your goods - the car - if it can be transfered to you and even if he has a loan on it - and the bank continues to go after him for the loan...... you get the car (and its value at least!!) But as I type (serious I have a 60 pound labrador "puppy" climbing up onto my shoulders behind me! - hard to type!) but why would the bank give up rights to a car they loaned money for?

              As far as the safety - you can't be safe enough if you suspect anything to threat your safety - can you park your car in agarage - in a nieghbours garage? some other place where there is security 24/7???


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