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Sepration Agreement

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  • beebie
    did you forget the part about child support?

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  • Rioe
    To get the ex out of the house, come up with a fair separation agreement that covers access and custody and so on before she moves out. That prevents a war. Because you have a child together, you need a legal document.

    To enrich your daughter's life, arrange balanced care that involves both her parents equally, not one being primary and the other being minimized. If there's a valid reason that this should not be the case, then get busy enriching her life now, so that if and when you end up in court, you have already been doing all the things you would put into a plan. Don't just think about it and plan to do it later.

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  • Marcos
    started a topic Sepration Agreement

    Sepration Agreement


    I'm new here, i'm in a common-law relationship for 2 years with a 20 month old baby.

    The relationship is over, however we are still cohabiting. I've moved to a different room and we do not interact much aside from communicating with regards to our daughter and coordinating the times we go out with her separately.

    I've expressed to her in writing (an email) the latter, is this considered separated? Do i need a "separation agreement"? and what would it contain?

    I own the house we live in and she eventually needs to move out and the custody and access war will begin, but as a first step is a separation agreement required?

    Also, any suggestions on how to get her out of the house?
    Can anyone recommend a solid Parenting Plan Template/Guides/Samples/Resources or someone that can help me get started writing one and thinking of things that need to be in it so there is no question or very little doubt that my daughter's life would be better enriched while being in my primary care?

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