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common law spouse takes all belongings

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  • common law spouse takes all belongings

    Very simple ?? Can the common law spouse clean out the house when the man is at work and take their son with her?

    She also forged cheques in the amount of 17,000.00 to pay of her credit cards. This is not a joint acc, it is his bank account and her credit cards?

    The temp order has been completed with 50-50 access to the child.

    The law has not been very helpful, neither has the lawyer.

    Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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    Call the bank and report it as fraud. 17K is a lot of money, and if his signature was forged it'd be up to the bank to report it to the police. He should have informed the bank immediately upon noticing the funds being cashed and had them stopped/reversed.

    If he waited to report it, chances are he's only going to get it back if he sues her.


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      if you have a temp order for 50/50 and the ex is not complying - you should file a motion to have that coreected.


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        bank was informed the next day. They are telling us that the police needs to charge her. We went to the police and they are saying this is a domestic issue and don't want to get involved. I have contacted the police and told them if they don't help i will be going to board.


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          Go to a justice of the peace and swear criminal charges against her.


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