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  • Common Law Relationship

    New to the common law relationship has ended after 10 yrs. "Runaway Groom" has once again left, third time...strike 3 - he's out. During our relationship from 1995 to 2005, we separated for 4 mths in 1997/98 (Dec 26/97 to April 1/98), he asked me to come back - couldn't live without us; and then in April 99 we separated for 7 mths, then resume relationship again (should have kept running) but lived in separate homes until we purchased a home together in 2000 since living together in "Harriet" until final separation Sept 2005.
    My questions is: Do I have any legal rights to financial interest in the home which we shared from 1995 to 1999 known as Havey St? It was in his name only (purchased by him prior to our relationship), he verbally wanted Havey St to be our home, I contributed by maintaining the home, all household duties, plus did cosmetic renovations to enhance the appearance for sale when we purchased our new home "Harriet St" in 2000? We did not sell the Havey St, so we rented the place to a tenant for 5 yrs. Additional information: the tenant moved out July 1/05 and left the place in very poor shape, extensive damage over $10,000 in damages. I spent the whole summer renovating, 80% work done by me, included drywalling, painting, carpentry work with the intention of us as a couple selling Havey St. "Runaway Groom" was useless when it came to carpentry work, but was great at dictating, and expressing his opinion all the time during the renovations, needless to say we argued. I even took time off work to renovate at Havey St. Long story short, in the end "Runaway Groom" moved back to him haven!
    Jilted again!
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