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House in his name but I paid deposits

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  • House in his name but I paid deposits

    My boyfriend and I have lived together for a year and we purchased a house in his name only, mortgage and deed. From the sale of my home, I paid 10,400 to pay off his car so he could get the mortgage and over 1800 in closing costs on the home and 2000 of deposits on signing. He is now making my life a living hell living here and he has told me that he wants me and my children to move out. What are my rights in getting back my deposits? I have also paid half of the mortgage, half of the utilities, all the cable and internet as he has stopped paying these, and half of the house insurance from the day we moved in. I want to purchase my own home but I need my money back, what are my options?

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    I could be wrong but I "think" in common-law relationships, you get back anything that has your name on it ( like his house) and the other partner is out of luck. Your only chance is if you get a sympathetic judge and you have receipts.


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      I think that you would have to provide documentation as to the payments, and you should have received copies of the paper work at each stage of the purchase process.

      Then you would get back both the $2000 deposit and $1800 in closing costs.
      With respect to the amount to pay off his car, I hope that you have a bank statement or cancelled cheque to show where the money came from so that you can get that as well?


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