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Need help with common-law rights

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  • Need help with common-law rights

    Can someone help me with some info on this matter?

    I have been living with a man since June 2001. We were engaged in April 2002. We are both divorced. We have a joint bank account and had intended to build a house. Recently he has asked me that a sign a contract giving up whatever rights I have to his finances. ie. He owns part of a golf course 1/2 to be exact woth about 7 million and has his own business worth maybe 200.000.00. He has told me that I am not titled to anything. Can someone please help me. I feel that he is wanting to end the relationship and that is why he wants me to sign the paper. I need help in a big way!!!

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    Don't sign anything without proper legal advice.


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      It appears you are already common law spouses - 3 years of co-habitation.

      As is, if your relationship folded, I suspect you would be entitled to spousal support with the main criteria that you have need and he has means to pay.

      I wouldn't sign anything without having it reviewed by a lawyer such as Jeff to ensure that you understand your rights fully.


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