It would appear that a settlement offer has been accepted.

200.00 a month compensatory SS until age 67. No child support ordered. He pays all costs of her bankruptcy within six months. No unjust enrichment claim. All property issued to be considered settled. No order for costs.

She is now engaged to be married. I think this is now put to bed.

Thank you everyone for all the great info.

We have appreciated everything we have learned through your sharing of experiences and insights. Just waiting for it all to be formalized.


This was posted March 2015

Hello, back again...4 years on, she failed to initiate her bankruptcy procedures by the six month mark and today she notified me that she would like to proceed with the bankruptcy, wants me to pay for it, and also asked if i could pay her a lump sum for remaining SS which she calculated to be 16,800.00 but was willing to 'take 10,000.00 instead if i pay upfront. Would I still likely be on the hook for the bankruptcy costs given that she has waited four years to proceed?. I assume that FRO would be a problem with the lump sum pay out. Could her legal aid be reactivated if she decided to go to court if i say no?