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Common law separation advice and experience

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  • Common law separation advice and experience

    I've been in a common law relationship for 5 years in ontario, have a 4 year old daughter. Unfortunately the relationship is not working and we will have to separate.

    I have talked to my spouse and she seems ok with 50/50 custody of our child.

    She has not contributed to any bill/mortgage/taxes/expenses on the house that i own (i owned the house before we got together) etc. she has purchased the groceries, most of the child clothes, and payed for daycare (costing ~4000 parents watched her most of the time)

    There is approximately 30000 dollars difference in incomes (I have the higher income)...when i look at the table and difference in looks as though i will need to pay her ~250 dollars a month.

    we both have good work benefits.

    Does this seem correct? Are there other claims and expenses I'm not taking into consideration?

    Sorry I'm just beginning the process and it seems overwhelming

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    it seems that is the CS?


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