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Refused Written confirmation from School Board

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    Originally posted by stripes View Post in a difficult position a since it sounds like you're asking him/her for a letter stating something /hasn't/ happened;...

    Why do you need proof that no assessment was done (besides wanting to show that your ex is wrong)?...
    Yes, this confused me as well. I was not clear on what was being asked, regarding the assessment, or why. If one asks for proof that nothing was done, it seems like one would be going the route of showing that someone mishandled something? Need more info.


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      Originally posted by arabian View Post
      ...but I do remember going into the photocopy room copying things and also simply removing some things I didn't think should be in an academic file (I was left unsupervised).
      There is a proper procedure for this.
      This would be the "improper" procedure, and I hope nobody takes it as good advice.


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        ^I agree with dad2bandm. Looking back it really wasn't the proper thing to do but I recall being so angry that some young twit had put some non-academic remarks in son's file.

        The proper thing to do would have been to have brought the matter up with the principal and superintendent of schools and made the teacher answerable for her conduct.

        My son had done poorly on some tests and the teacher made note that my son had a learning disability. I twigged on to something amiss with a conversation with another teacher who inferred my son was "special" and that was why the school didn't press him too hard to hand in assignments. I found out my son had not wore his glasses to school on the days he was tested. School refused to retest. I spent several thousands of dollars and had him privately assessed by a psychologist. Outcome of testing was that son was merely lazy and of course needed to wear his glasses. Had I not removed the "learning disabled" remark from his file I would have had to take him to a different school for grade 7.

        I therefore think it is very important to know what is in your child's school record.


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