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  • Interim SS and CS

    forgive my ignorance for asking but I'm curious.

    I had an emergency motion brought upon me 2 months ago...judge awarded interim SS and CS...

    I'm curious...would my case be on canlii??..I'd like to take a look at it...

    I have the order anyways, but I'd like to see the read IF it's on Canlii...

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    Canlii is only selected cases but you can search by file #


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      Originally posted by Links17 View Post
      Canlii is only selected cases but you can search by file #

      Thanks Links17...I'm somewhat new to canlii...where do I enter the file #??

      Document text line??
      case Name, legislation title, citation or docket??
      Noteup: cited case names, legislatio titles, citations or dockets??

      I tried all 3 and it was telling me "not found"...

      I'm guessing mine isn't in canlii then??


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        its usually only on canlii if there has been a trial.


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          Some motions make it to canlii but only if they are somehow special. I'm not sure the criteria. I have read a couple of motions.


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            You need to start your own threads, you will get more results that way.


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