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Need advice getting out of this mess I am in

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    Hi all,

    Just want to update you that my partner has found a place and will be moving out at the end of September. We are proffesional and on speaking terms. Feel badly for him but there is absolutely no way that we can live together but will remain friends. Good thing that he is moving back to another city so distance will keep us apart.

    Thank you for your words of wisdom, you do not know how much I appreciate them.

    God Bless.....Sylvia.


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      That is great news!! Hope the next weeks go smoothly for you.


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        Thank you, it will be hard but the best thing for the both of us just to move on.


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          Happy it is working out for you. My gf asked me to sign a co-habitation agreement before we moved in together and I didn't even think twice. I would definitely be suspicious of anyone that refuses to sign one. Hope it continues to go smoothly.


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            Thank you stressed76, like they say, live and learn and boy have I learned a lot the past 6 years. Now I know that me being goodhearted was taken as a weakness, will be more guarded from now on.

            Got 21 days to go before he moves out. Will be interesting to see how much more he is going to try and get out of me before he leaves LOL. Am leaving him on my insurance till the end of the year so he can get his dental and eye glasses.

            Thanks again for the words of encouragement.


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