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  • Alberta Equity battle

    my ex and I were in a 11 year common law relationship which ended on may 1st 2012. in 2009 we purchased a home in alberta where we both still live for 303 000. At the time she left the home was valued at 300 000. I paid the 15,150 down payment with a line of credit that is still outstanding because it is interest only. When she left the mortgage was 256000 so the total equity was 44k. I offered her 22000 initially as I felt really bad and guilty for having to end it. I have huge problems with guilt. A long story. Anyways, the mortgage came from her account every 2 weeks and the breakdown of payments over the 3 years while we had the house were as follows.

    Mortgage Utilities Insurance
    Me:14576.00 11718 3000
    EX: 36969 2535 1000

    I also paid 22528 towards her debts which included her car, her student loans and her Visa. Her Student loans were all before me and she still has the car as it was in her name.
    She paid 7143 towards my credit cards and my life insurance. I also gave her 3000 worth of furniture and 1500 cash for her new apartment which I had her sign a letter acknowledging it would come off the equity. She now says I forced her and she was afraid for her life. I also paid for all the food groceries entertainment and travel which i did not include in the calculation. I also paid 5200 to have a new roof installed and i paid for it with my cc and paid off the card myself. I have already paid her 2600 in equity payments as per our previous verbal agreement. I have proof of everything I paid and she paid. Her lawyer first contacted me and wanted 43000, 33000 for equity and 10000 for spousal support. Then I hired a lawyer and spousal support was withdrawn but she still wanted 33k because apparently she paid for everything while i did nothing. Anyways now that I have proof of everything I paid which is quite a lot more then she paid. I have offered her 5k as a cash payout to settle. This is in addition to the cash and furniture and roof repair and previous equity payments. She still wants 50% of the equity minus my down payment which would give her 15k plus everything else i have already given her. I said no to this and now she is threatening court and says she will be going for 50% of everything and court costs. I have offered her 22k without lawyers and she refused and now that I have done all the math and have all the proof, she is owed 2700 and I am offering 5k. What are her chances of winning in court? How long will it take and cost to go to court with something like this. The funny thing is, she had all the calculations in the beginning as to what she paid and how much I owed because of this but now that I have proof she was lying, she says it does not matter who paid what.
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