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    So I've been through the whole court process and finally reached 'minutes of settlement' in regards to the sale of house, she lives there and I don't. now she wont comply with all the things stated and on top of that keeps going on how shes going to go bankrupt...what do I do now?? I cant afford a lawyer anymore and we both own the house, I thought everything had to go by the settlement since judge already signed

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    So there is an agreement that provides for the sale of the house and equalization? If so, you move to have the house sold.

    Her finances are her issue. If she goes bankrupt because she can't manage her finances accordingly and adjust to post marriage, that isn't your concern. Ignore the drama and just move forward.

    You may have to file a motion to have the house listed without her consent. But if you sit back and allow her to drag it out, you are enabling her to continue to take advantage of you.


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