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Motion for increased CS. What am I able to bring up in response?

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    yes, I told him that when he provides me with documentation showing a start date for a university, college or training course and enrollment, then I am more than willling to pay 50% of the daycare costs while he is at school. All he keeps telling me is that "I am goingto school soon", which I assumed meant when classes started again in january (alas, it is January, and no date has been provided)

    As far as I know he is doing nothing during the day. Given that he told me he was doing brakes for people, and offered to do mine, I can only guess that he is earning something under the table.

    Of course I will pay my share of daycare costs when there is a legitimate need to have her in daycare. But if he is home to care for her, or I am available then there is no reason for him to keep her there, and I see no need to spend time or money that could be better spent to benefit our daughter.


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