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how long is a temp order good for?

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  • how long is a temp order good for?

    first of all I am sure this has been asked before but i did a quick search and could not find the info.
    I just recently attended a case conference and all the issues i wished to see resolved were resolved and a temp order issued from the court and sent off to FRO [to address a change in custody and support amount].
    question is - is there a time limit on the temp order or will it suffice for FRO until there is a change in circumstance again?
    thanks, I know what is logical but dealing with FRO that goes right out the window i know!

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    From what I understand it stands until another interim order is made, or a final order. There's no calendar date on it unless it specifically includes one.


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      awesome news

      WW - that is what i thought so hopefully FRO will act on it.
      seeing as issues i required have been answered and hers [going fro spousal 4.5 yrs after divorce, after a spousal release signed and agreed upon after ILC] have not I assume it is up to her to bring any further motions


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        Let us know what the outcome is for the retroactive SS after 4.5 years being divorced.
        I personally found out this request usually comes up when your Ex finds out they are required to pay CS.


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          you are close - change in custody [one daughter moving in with me resulting in offset as opposed to full support] resulted in the ask for spousal...oddly enough in roughly the amount her support dropped by. well in excess of 250K in equity in the matrimonial home given to her and a full spousal release in the separation agreement [prepared by HER lawyer, reviewed by mine] so from my side it looks pretty clear, i just dont know what the judge will see.
          its interesting how the costs of raising a child become far less for the father when the shoe is on the other foot.
          yes i am a little bitter. 6 months of a court fight on my part to prove that my daugher is in my home and being cared for, seizure of pay cheques, erroneous overpayment amounts, and zero repercussions to her.
          sorry for the vent but wow, its crazy and i have learned not to expect common sense at any step.


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