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Violation of Custody and Access Order

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    Thanks for asking. I've been so busy dealing with it, working, and doing other things, I've barely come up for air this last while.

    As I just posted, I'm dealing with it. It's very hard, and gut-wrenching. Thankfully I have some good support to help me through this "new" experience.

    Kids aren't doing well. Both are suffering from a number of physical complaints right now, as a reaction to all of it, which is very concerning to me. I'm trying to parent from a distance and behind the scenes now. The most important thing is the kids' wellbeing, and I'm doing my best to help them, but I feel so limited. It's frustrating.

    Trying to get ready for mediation-arbitration, and I'm left with a lot of questions. IThis is a new experience for me. Tried mediation at the beginning, but we failed totally after the 2nd session, on came the lawyers and their expensive meters.


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