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can he keep shared custody or what

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    too many variables to say. Who is telling the bio dad he has a child?? When he finds out he may want to go for visitation and custody himself.


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      He will probably be able to maintain it.

      1. He is on the birth certificate as the dad.

      2. Has acted as dad for years, and is the only "dad" the child knows.

      3. shared custody has been in place for years now, so status quo has a good hold on the matter.

      4. I don't think proving his ex is a ho is a material change in circumstance.


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        Originally posted by HammerDad View Post

        4. I don't think proving his ex is a ho is a material change in circumstance.

        Take a look at this case:

        This guy was trying to get out of paying CS - but it might be a helpful starting point.
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          Originally posted by iceberg View Post
          Standing has a point what if the bio dad never knew about this and goes for custody. A whole new court battle probably?
          Bio-Dad would be coming in a little late. Bio-Dad may get some parenting time, initially supervised. Or the courts may determine that is in the best interests of the child to continue the existing arrangement with the OP's friend and the Ex-ho.


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            OP means Original Poster (you)


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