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  • just wondering

    need to know what it going to cost me. lived together for 5 years then was married for past 13 years. i retired 2 years ago with a company pension and my wife who is 9 years younger and is working making about the same as i do on pension. would like to know how much or if i have to pay her from my pension. the pension is from one of the big 3.

    thanks for any info

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    50% of the value of the matrimonial home.
    50% of the amount your pension increased by during those 13 years.
    50% of any other assets (ie savings, stuff in the house, etc)

    Plus an equalization amount depending on what each of your net values was pre-marriage and post-marriage. Generally, you leave in similar shape to how you started out.

    If you have any kids under the age of 22 child support may be needed. It seems unlikely that she would be entitled to spousal support if you both make a similar income. If her career was significantly hurt by the events during the marriage there's a chance she may.

    Let's just say... expensive. Very expensive. In the order of hundreds of thousands of dollars.


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      i had heard that because i'm retired it it different, it's now my income . they said if your working then it's in a different thing. she will not get anything from it



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