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  • All Done :)

    After all the nonsense it`s finally settled. Trying to get sole custody of the boys, trying to stop paying proper child support and put a cap on it, trying to get out of showing proof of income, trying to get me to make him the beneficiary of my Will guess what the ex got in court today...
    Nothing. Nada. Zero. Zilch.
    Wellll, other then being told by an extremly patient Judge that he needed to settle matters today as what he was asking for was unreasonable and he had until the end of the day to figure that out as my proposal was a `Slam Dunk`. What a waste of freaking time that was. 5 months of BS all so he could be told by a Judge the same things I had been telling him all along.
    The boys and I are thrilled it`s done and now we can move on
    Thanks to everyone for their help, advice and support here. Big Hugs!!!

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    Originally posted by iceberg View Post
    Where is the treat now
    The treat is a good night sleep finally


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      Only 5 months? That is fast. Was this at a case conference?

      Congrats btw.


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        Congratulations - must be a huge weight lifted off of your shoulders.


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          I wish I knew your trick to getting all over with so quickly.
          Enjoy your new peace of mind and hopefully, no more b.s. in the future


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            Congrats hun !

            Glad that's over with and you and the boys can now get on with your lives instead of all the b.s


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              Thanks all!
              I definitely feel sooo much better. Now we can enjoy our big new house and baby without that feeling of waiting for the other shoe to drop.
              It was only 5 months as we already had a divorce order in place that had been in place for years, and he tried to get things that were ridiculous. We had to travel back to where we used to live to do the CC and the Judge told him on Monday if he didn't settle this that he was changing it to where we live now as it was a waste of my time to have to keep going back there as the kids and I had no ties there.
              He tried back in October to block our move (we have always lived hours apart, this move was not going to affect his access at all) and get sole custody changed to him (he hasn't lived with them full time for almost 6 years and they all told him they do not want to live with him) so after he was told I had Status Quo, that moving the kids with him would seriously disrupt them he decided to change what he wanted to joint custody, he said he was 'letting' me keep the kids and he wanted to drop the child support, put a cap on it and all that other nonsense.
              The Judge was very patient with him,(he was a sweetie, kept saying how much he loves kids) but he was told over and over that what he was asking for was unreasonable and unrealistic and should it go to trial he would more then likely lose and end up paying costs. Also, he was told he was too controlling as well as well as adversarial so joint custody was not possible as he basically bullies me until I agree to what he wants.
              My guys are soooo happy They are all Momma's boys


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