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Affidavits - is it just peace of paper?

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  • Affidavits - is it just peace of paper?

    Hello everyone!

    I was always wondering. According my understanding affidavit is almost the same as saying it under the oath in court. So basically my understanding is that you can actually go to jail for lieing in court...

    From other side I see anormouse amount of lies on affidavit what I happens to read in my case. So question is. When other party came to lawyer and put all on affidavit he did not ask her any prove of her words. Why? Dose it mean that even if I can prove with document and her own email opossite she has nothing to worry about?

    What about ruined image? What about moral compensation? Anyone has any experience about that?

    Thank you

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    My ex lied about a bunch of things in his motions, and continues to do so. I was upset and asked the same thing, and nothing is being done. Even though he has been proven wrong over and over he continues to be able to drag me back to court with more nonsense. After catching him in his lastest lie I asked my lawyer if I should call him on it, she said to just leave it for now and if he's being difficult at the CC we can bring it up them. Not sure what good it's going to do.


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      Lawyers just try to stretch it as far as possible to squeeze last penny form both. I actually think that both lawyer work together.... I will not surprise if there is some sort unofficial agreement with lawyers to not go against each other. Otherwise I do not understand why other lawyer not got to court and ask judge to dismiss application proven that it just lies...


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        Short answer, you can go to jail (perjury) for lieing as a witness at another party's trial. If you are a party to a case you don't get charged with perjury, you have a right in court to make your case, accurate or not. If you file an application against someone and you make it all up there are other penalties possible, and if you lose you pay costs.


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