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    Well I am back from an uncontest trial, granted to me for lack of Resposndent's continual avoidance of court dates and ,late filings. My understanding is he would not even have a voice in the court room. His laywer acting as his "agent" mentioned he was trying to submit his paperwork late and then I ask to address the court and stated everything in regards to my case, and elaborated on the fact that he has not filed taxes from 2002 on and has not been able to be located until his last arrest in June, thus finding him only now could I bring the matter in front of the courts. Arguements went back and forth and he was still talking so the judge asked me if costs would help and if we could put it over. I asked her if I even had a choice and she was nice, said yes I I said I would rather move that his material be dismissed.

    This is the outcome, and where I am confused....

    The respondent said that his laywer had not submitted his tax info to me so that is why it was late; however he filed a batch in August (for 2005 - 2009) and on our November 25th court hearing, he still didn't have it ; as well, he said his laywer had his paperwork. That being said, again, on the November 25th court date, I had his material had been dismissed and the lawyer had confirmed he was no longer on record so I had to serve the respondent to his home. At the end, she said she was not dismissing his paperwork on merit, but due the fact he just did not file. he swore, and I was awarded court costs. She put the matter over to April 18th so that his lawyer could be there to confirm what he has said. My question, can he then again, on the 18th, try to resubmit those documents? Or has this finally been a good turn for me, or will I have to go through this again.
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